Vegetable-Mix (Gemüse-Mix) Grain-free flakes

Vegetable-Mix (Gemüse-Mix) 12,5 kg (1 Piece)
Vegetable-Mix (Gemüse-Mix) 12,5 kg (1 Piece)
Vegetable-Mix (Gemüse-Mix) 12,5 kg (1 Piece)
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Each animal has different needs for proteins and carbohydrates based on its size, weight, the way it is kept and its breed.

By supplementing Anifit Gemüsemix you can make sure your pet’s actual requirements are met in an optimal way, supplying nutrients and fibers.

Gemüsemix consists purely of vegetables and is free of wheat. The numerous plant components (phytamins) provide a valuable source of nutrients for your dog.

Anifit recommends you add approximately one handful of flakes per meal.

Anifit Gemüsemix is also suitable to counterbalance the protein content of Anifit food during the first weeks of a diet change.

The digestion of animals that have been fed with dry food over a longer period of time and animals that have been fed food with a low proportion of meat need some time to readjust to the normal (high) meat content of Anifit food.


Add the vegetable flake food to Anifit meat dog food. For optimal digestion, pour hot water on the flakes and let soak for 3 to 5 minutes.

Made of:

Carrot flakes 38 % Red beets 32 % Pea flakes 15 % Spinach 7 % Garlic 2 % Potato flakes 2 % Leek 2 % Tomatoes 1 % Oregano 1 %


Package of 500g

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